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Uncategorized Oct 06, 2022

Your Repair Depot is known for its cell phone repairs, but did you know we are also well equipped with the best technicians who can fix laptop hardware issues? See below the list of current services we offer.

We can help with your laptop hardware issue. Modern technology is amazing—when it’s working properly. Whether your laptop has a cracked screen, or it is no longer holding its battery, keyboard, charging ports or storage drive issues, YRD Team can help.

Come to Your Repair Depot when:

  • Your laptop is shutting off randomly and giving you error messages;
  • You need to upgrade your laptop memory;
  • You want to upgrade your hard drive and have more storage;
  • Your laptop can’t hold a charge or won’t charge at all;
  • You have missing keys or need a new keyboard;
  • The laptop screen is broken or the screen doesn’t appear to be broken, but it displays no image.

Call us at 250 871-4541 or stop by our store at 212-3030 Kilpatrick Ave, Courtenay, BC Canada. Our friendly and efficient technicians got you covered so you can get back to using your laptop for your own enjoyment.

Your Repair Depot is a local electronics repair shop located in The Comox Valley and Nanaimo on the beautiful Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. We are a fast, friendly, and reliable repair services shop with the best technicians, parts and prices. We repair all models of iPhone, as well as iPod, iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, most Android phones, tablets, laptops, and so much more!

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